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Be wowed by a land full of fun, intrigue and adventure. This is a world like no other where characters, known as bodz, are quirky, colourful and captivating. As you follow their stories, you will grow to love their antics and you’re sure to identify with a bod or two in no time at all.


Where else is the sky yellow, the sun blue, the clouds green, the grass pink and the rain red? Where else but The World of Whyse.

Meet the Bodz

Take Valentine for instance, a loveable dragonesque type bod who has a heart of gold. His biggest dread is swimming. Will he ever learn to conquer this fear? Find out for yourselves in Book 1, Valentine Takes The Plunge.

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How about Will? Will Whyse is a majestic owlesque type bod who is renowned for his wisdom throughout the land. Even King Yuri follows his advice. He has a solution to every problem and will even be able to help you too.

Who will be your favourite?

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You might prefer Ellie Noir, a sassy bod with golden locks. Or perhaps devious Dean who always seems to land himself in the stickiest of situations. You may well be intrigued by Zena, a bod like no udder! The meddlesome moth, Yves Dropper, could catch your attention with his constant tittle-tattle or even Yasmina, a school bod by day but a secret agent by night.


The bodz in The World of Whyse have incredible stories to share with you, filled with adventure, challenges and mystery. Will you come along for the ride? Who knows, you might even learn something new!


So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to jump into The World of Whyse!

Get to know the bodz...



Age: 27

Birthday: 16th June

Occupation: archaeologist

Address: Fossil Farmhouse, Wisdom Way

Character: slow, cautious, kind

Likes: break dancing, collecting shells

Dislikes: new technology, eating meat (he is a vegan)

Favourite colour: brown