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About the world

The World of Whyse is like no other, full of lovingly hand drawn, diverse, quirky characters which take children on an educational and motivational journey filled with fun and adventure.


Our world and characters are certainly not conventional! The wacky concept, where the sun is blue and the sky is yellow is unlike anything children will have seen before, but it will spark their imagination and challenge them to question what’s possible.

Our Characters

Our characters, known as bodz, are all completely unique and have their own personalities, to advocate the importance of children being themselves and accepting others for who they are. So it’s not just the motto at the end of each story which teaches a valuable lesson. Every aspect of the World of Whyse has been carefully designed to educate children about diversity, acceptance and kindness.

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Our Offering

Teachers need look no further as our stories and resources encompass new educational initiatives in a user friendly, time saving format.  


Our first range of resources cover Growth Mindset. Our innovative teaching methods allow children to inherently grasp the deeper meaning of growth mindset and its benefits to them as individuals. Once these important ideas are embedded and understood, they will play a positive and integral role in their educational journey to success.


As well as a solid classroom resource, The World of Whyse stories & resources are invaluable in covering topics with the PSHCE curriculum and important moral values.

Our Stories

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All of our stories and resources are available to download as PowerPoints, providing teachers with easy-to-use resources in the classroom.

Through story 1, Valentine Takes The Plunge, children will learn the importance of perseverance and learning from a friend. Valentine is a loveable dragonesque type bod who has a fear of the water and believes that he will never be able to swim. He is mortified when he receives an invitation to a swimming party from his pal, Ignatious, because he desperately wants to go but doesn’t want to make a fool of himself. However, his faithful friend Hugo, a veritable water baby, convinces him that through determination, perseverance and hard work he can learn to swim. Despite some hiccups on the way, Valentine does learn to swim and in fact is part of the winning relay team at the swimming party.


The story alone is an exciting platform to discuss the importance of perseverance and learning from a friend. The richness of language used covers a plethora of literacy demands at upper KS2, which can also be exploited in a variety of ways.


We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback from our first pilot school, Feckenham Church of England First School, from both teachers and pupils. The Headteacher used the whole story as an assembly for all year groups as it delivered an important and accessible message to all pupils.

Our resource packs

Each of our stories are supported with an in depth resource pack, which not only relates directly to the stories, but allows the children to explore wider areas of the curriculum through a comprehensive, differentiated range of activities that suit different learning styles.


We provide a set of comprehension questions related to each story, which can be completed orally, or as a written task. The story can be told in sections as the questions have been broken down into manageable chunks, making them suitable for a quick task or full length lesson.

To ease the workload for teachers, each resource pack  has a range of photocopiable documents to cover some of the tasks and there are teachers’ notes on the resource pack PowerPoint slides.


We are continuously adding new stories and resources to cover the teaching curriculum. We are currently working on material related to British values, healthy lifestyle and teaching foreign languages.

The World of Whyse has endless possibilities for growth and is always on the cutting edge of new educational indicatives.

Our resource packs include activities such as:

  • Reading comprehensions, using a range of question techniques to suit all abilities.

  • Listening tasks.

  • Speaking tasks, in the form of class or group discussions and role-plays.

  • Writing tasks, ranging from using writing frames to free thinking.

  • Quizzes.

  • Mini projects in which pupils can work independently, in groups or as a whole class.

  • Grammar tasks coving literacy requirements, as outlined in the KS2 National Curriculum.

  • Creative tasks.

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Trust our teacher testimonials


“This is an exciting original concept and I look forward to learning more. This will be invaluable to both my teaching and my pupils' learning journey. Just love the visuals too, they are unique, quirky and a breath of fresh air. There is nothing like this on the market. I'll definitely look through your other resources. Many thanks! ” 

—  Valerie, Teacher